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LM Construction and Mechanical’s Santa Fe heating experts understand that in our unique part of the country, it is important that your heating system is maintained throughout the year to ensure it runs efficiently when you need it the most. LM’s Santa Fe heating specialists recommend that your heating system is maintained at least once a year to identify potential issues before they have the chance to become major problems and cause your system to fail at the worst possible time. At LM Construction and Mechanical, our team of experts are committed to diagnosing any problem your heating system may have while it is still a minor repair. In many cases, homeowners and property managers for residential and commercial properties take their heating systems for granted until something happens. When a heater stops functioning correctly, becomes less efficient, or fails altogether, we notice the absence of heat very quickly, especially during the colder months. Unfortunately, central heating, furnaces, and gas fireplaces are not cheap, and their replacements could put you in an unexpected financial dilemma. Fortunately, LM Construction and Mechanical is a leading residential and commercial heating system repair company in Santa Fe, NM, and the surrounding areas of Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Evergreen, Lakewood, and Golden. Our skilled and experienced HVAC technicians can perform affordable emergency heating repairs immediately to get your home our business warmed up. Give us a call for more information about our heater services or to schedule a fireplace or heating system repair today!

We Are Your Choice For Heater Repair In Santa Fe

When it comes to heater repair in Santa Fe, a properly serviced system means significant savings for the homeowner. When a Santa Fe heating technician inspects your system prior to the cold winter setting in, the first thing they will check is the condition of the air filters. Filters are important, because they remove contaminants, allergens, and dust particles from the air when the system is turned on and running. When the filters are clogged, more particles will easily pass through right into the air you breathe inside the home. Dirty and clogged filters also cause the whole heating system to work harder to achieve the same indoor temperature. In Santa Fe the heating filters may need to be changed more frequently due to greater amounts of dust and pollen in our high desert air. LM’s Santa Fe heating experts will inspect and replace any filters that are no longer effective. Although heating systems have long lifespans (12-15 years), eventually problems will start cropping up. When this happens you will most likely require the services of a professional HVAC repair company sooner rather than later.  Here are a few warning signs that you might need a heating system repair soon:
Hot or Cold Spots: Over time, ducts, filters, and vents can become clogged with dust and dirt, causing air distribution issues.
Increased Energy Bills: Spikes in energy usage are usually due to duct leaks, blocked filters, ongoing component wear-and-tear, and inappropriate thermostat locations. These problems can cause your heater or furnace to work harder than it should.
Constant Cycling:  If your heating system is continually turning on and off, your heater is racking up energy usage. This problem and higher energy bills are signs of thermostat, airflow, or filter issues.
Foreign Noises:  Heating systems, especially newer models, are built to run as quietly as possible. Therefore, if you hear clanging, whistling, rattling, or banging coming from your heater, something is obviously wrong.

Gas Fireplace Repairs

A gas fireplace is an excellent way to bring warmth and ambiance to any room. It looks beautiful and can bring a place together – but if it’s broken or malfunctioning its just a pain.
Some standard fireplace issues to look out for include:
• Ignition and Pilot Light Problems
• Burner Trouble
• Unpleasant Odors
• Odd Sounds
• Soot Clogs
At LM Construction and Mechanical, we pride ourselves on our quick, professional, and effective fireplace and heating system repairs. When you call us for a repair, we will provide a full gas fireplace inspection, diagnose any problems, and fix them in no time.

Sign Up For Routine Maintenance Plans With Our Santa Fe Heating Company

When LM Construction and Mechanical provides you with a comprehensive maintenance inspection of your heating system before the cold of winter, you will be saving money in several different ways:
• One of the benefits of a maintenance plan is our technicians will be less likely to have to make repairs throughout the year because the system has been properly maintained.
• Our Santa Fe heating company will have your system running at its most efficient, helping to reduce your utility bills each month.
• And an added benefit of a more efficiently running system is the positive environmental impact that it will have.

Reliable Heating In Santa Fe Is A Lifesaver For The Winters To Come

If you’re looking for a professional heating company in Santa Fe with the proper experience and professionalism to handle your project, LM’s crew has many years of experience and ongoing training on most major heating systems available in the Santa Fe area. LM’s Santa Fe heating contractors understand that in some situations, the extent of the damage and useful life may put the unit beyond repair. If that is the case, we will help find the right energy efficient model, sized for your home and budget, that will provide you warmth and energy savings. Heating in Santa Fe can be expensive during the coldest time of year, so choosing the right heating system can give the same amount of heat while at the same time providing big savings when our Santa Fe heater repair technicians help you pick the right system for your home.
Heating in Santa Fe doesn’t have to be a huge expense when you work with professionals who are committed to helping you save money. At LM Construction and Mechanical, our Santa Fe heater repair specialists will work closely with you to make any recommendations we feel could help you save some money in heating bills each year.

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