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The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is where family and friends come together to talk, eat, and drink! It’s the main room in every home. Ultimately what you want is to have a kitchen that reflects your personality and style helping to achieve the look and feel that you desire. It needs to make you feel happy and be that special place in your home.

At LM Construction and Mechanical, that’s exactly what we will do for you during your Santa Fe kitchen remodel. We are your best choice for remodeling to the perfect specifications that you desire for your personality. We always strive to exceed all our customers’ expectation!

Our Santa Fe kitchen remodeling crew will install new wall finishings, beautiful custom cabinets, newly placed islands and counter-tops, new energy efficient and beautiful appliances, all new fixtures and any type of sink you are looking for, along with all the other changes that you may desire for the perfect kitchen! Below is the procedure we will follow to help you Live Modern!

Kitchen Layout

When planning your kitchen remodel the first step is to think about layout creating function and efficiency. No matter the size or shape of kitchen you design, it’s crucial to create a kitchen layout that makes cooking easier and more efficient.

  • Maximizing Space: When planning your upgraded kitchen design, make sure to take advantage of every square inch of space. If you’re renovating your existing kitchen, you can gain space with taller overhead cabinets, corner cabinets, and built-in storage racks. If you’re adding on to the house, you’ll have more flexibility in the design.
  • Create an efficient Workflow: When placing the refrigerator, sink and major appliances, create a convenient path between them to maximize prep time and cooking efficiency. Be sure to include adequate electrical plugs throughout the kitchen, so you can easily plug in small appliances when you need them.
  • Open Space & Functional Kitchens: A kitchen remodel requires adequate planning, time and effort, as well as a healthy budget. Your new kitchen should be designed with longevity in mind, so you can enjoy it for the next 20 years before you think about making any further changes.

Appliances for Your Kitchen Renovation

New appliances make up a large portion of the average kitchen renovation cost, but they are an absolute necessity to give an old kitchen updated style and energy-efficient features. When replacing old appliances, look for new options that are energy efficient. Not only will they make your kitchen tasks easier and faster, they will save you hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bills. Look for appliances with Energy Star labels to maximize energy efficiency.
Today’s new techie appliances offer homeowners many advantages in the kitchen. Many new appliances such as, stoves and ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and other small appliances can now be programmed for cooking times, on-off cycles, and other helpful features, with a computer or smart phone from any remote location. Newer models of refrigerators can even be programmed to let you know when foods are expired or need to be replaced. You can even program your grocery list through your refrigerator. Imagine all the endless possibilities that will bring a new joy of cooking with these innovative appliances in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

New kitchen cabinets can cost a pretty penny, so it’s necessary to consider your storage needs, lifestyle and budget when choosing cabinet materials. Cabinet boxes are the skeleton of your cabinets. They hold all the weight of small appliances, pots and pans, dishes and food items. If your cabinet boxes aren’t strong enough, they will break down faster resulting in damage and premature replacement. The to main options when it comes to cabinets are:

  • Plywood: Most high-end cabinets are made from quality 11-ply to 13-ply plywood. It’s stronger, more durable, less likely to warp, and easier to refinish or reface. Plywood cabinets will be more expensive, but they will endure the test of time in a busy kitchen.
  • Particleboard: Particleboard is the cheaper alternative to plywood. Its smooth, dense core is not likely to warp, however the face material can swell or detach when subjected to steam, moisture and water. Particle board is heavier than plywood and can be damaged faster by daily wear-and-tear on drawers and doors.

Kitchen Counter-top Selections

When selecting counter-tops for your kitchen remodel, think about durability, maintenance, style and budget. There’s an array of beautiful materials to choose from, so it’s important to choose one with maximum durability, easy maintenance, and complements your kitchen style, colors and finishes. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from for your perfect kitchen:

  • Natural Stone: Natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone, travertine, or slate offer organic appeal for any style kitchen. Natural stone counters come in polished and honed finishes and a variety of patterns and colors, making it easy to find one that fits your design requirements. Seal natural stone counters for maximum durability and protection against spills and stains.
  • Ceramic Tile: Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer excellent durability and easy maintenance in kitchens. A non-porous surface makes tiles completely resistant to spills and stains without applying protective sealers. Tiles come in endless patterns, textures and colors, and a wide variety of sizes, shapes, borders and accent tiles.
  • Man-Made Materials: There’s a variety of man-made counter-top materials available such as quartz and concrete. Many are heat and burn resistant, stain and water resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. Unlike the old plastic laminate materials, modern man-made quartz counter-tops have the look of natural stones and other organic materials.

Kitchen Flooring Materials

Kitchens are high-traffic areas that take a lot of abuse so having a durable flooring material is important to keep your kitchen looking new from the ceiling to the floor. As a family-friendly space, a kitchen floor is subject to mud and dirt from shoes, stains from all types of spills, pet hair, and daily dust and grime. When choosing a flooring material for your kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to think about durability, maintenance, and safety.

Kitchen Lighting Choices

Adequate kitchen lighting is essential for a functional and practical kitchen. For best efficiency, your kitchen should include a combination of overhead lighting and task lighting:

  • Overhead Lighting: Overhead or general lighting should provide sufficient overall illumination that allows you to see and safely move throughout the kitchen. It should provide uniform, comfortable levels of light and brightness without glare.
  • Task Lighting: Task lighting provides direct illumination over appliances, sinks, counter-tops, islands and dining surfaces. It’s meant to direct light downward over specific areas to make tasks in those areas easier and safer.

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