Hot Water Hydro Jetting Service

LM’s Mechanical division has a state of the art hot water jetter.  This awesome piece of machinery can clean just about anything blocking your drain lines. There are certain types of pipe cleaners that are harmful to your pipes. Often times, businesses waste tons of money on store-bought drain cleaners that end up corroding your pipes and don’t get the job done. Jetting is the way to maintain your pipes and clear backups. It is especially important for hotels and restaurants to do routine maintenance on their drain lines because of the high volumes of grease and food waste that is being disposed of through the sewer.

Hot water hydro jetting is an advanced pipe cleaning method that uses high-pressure water and heat to remove or eliminate build-ups of dirt, grime, and other blockages from the entire plumbing system. Due to the available pressure and heat, our jetting service can treat blockages deep within the system that have not been responsive to other methods.

Many times, using drain snakes and other mechanisms that requires using equipment force can damage the pipes or will just push the blockage further down the plumbing system. Because water is malleable, it can move and bend according to the plumbing system and therefore makes for an effective, non-damaging method for clearing and cleaning pipes. The added heat also helps to disinfect and eliminate odors. Our jetting services will keep your plumbing system maintained and clear so your lines keep flowing without backups or plumbing emergencies.

Take a look at this video to see how it works!

Our jetting service is also ideal for power washing the outside of your residence or business. With an average 4000psi, the level or pressure combined with hot water eliminates the tiniest dust particles. This makes for a great option for clearing debris, specifically cleaning the exterior of your residential or commercial property. If you have residue that you’ve been unable to clean off or power wash away, this is the solution.

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